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Corporate videos show an overall picture of your company – its success and progress, history and values. Product videos clearly and effectively demonstrate innovative devises and technologies, complex machines and systems, specific services. Depending on the business/product it could be presented with real video, motion graphics or combination of both.
The videos we produce are a gut balanced mixture of carefully considered content, distinctive graphics, and images in best quality, so they look great as well on phone display as on big screen by industrial fair.

This is how your corporate or product video can look like

This is how we will produce your corporate or product video


Our team will research your business or product and the public image of your competitors. In coordination with your team and in view of the obtained insides we create tailored concept, that helps to meet your marketing targets.


Based on the concept, our scriptwriter writes a script that contains the text of the VO, description of the images and the graphics/animation, so you have a clear idea of the future video.


We take care for every aspect of the shooting process. Our equipment is on highest professional level, so we are able to transform any concept into impressive video – no matter if it requires macro images of tiny particles or stunning arial footage.


The video and audio editing are done in own studio. Depending on the concept, 2D/3D graphics, motion graphics or animation could also be created. We work with professional VO-artists and can produce the video in different languages. The music can be individually composed.

How much does a corporate or product video cost?

We carefully estimate every project to reach the best individual balance between targets and resources.
The cost depends on:

The number of the shooting days and the necessary equipment. Basic equipment by us is RED Comodo camera, lenses, and lighting.

If actors, specific locations or requisite required

The type of graphics/animation; stock music or individually composed

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